Dog Daycare FAQ's

"Do I need to make an appointment?"

For daycare, clients can drop off between 8-9:30 am on weekdays with no appointment, as long as you have available days on your daycare package.  Appointments are required for Saturday and Sunday.

"Do I need to bring food?"

The price of meal tickets is included for all puppies enrolled in our Puppy Kindergarten or other applicable training programs.

If your adult dog is on a three meal per day schedule, lunch can be fed with the purchase of a meal ticket.  Meal tickets may be purchased for $3 per ticket or $25 for a package of twelve.

"Can I bring my dog to daycare if they're sick?"

We ask that any dog with vomiting, diarrhea, or any illness that could be contagious, please be kept at home. The health of all of our clients’ dogs is very important to us and we strive to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone. 

"Can I see video of my dog while they are in daycare?"

While Club Pooch does have internal surveillance cameras, there is no public access to this footage and it is used for security purposes only. However, you may see pictures or videos of your dog on our social media sites!

"Do I need to bring by dog's leash and collar?"

Your dog should come into Club Pooch on a leash or “slip lead”, but for safety reasons, their collar and tags will be removed while they are in the facility, and will be put back on when they are released back to you at pick-up.

"What happens if I can't pick up my dog on time?"

You may have another person pick up your dog if you provide them with one of your Club Pooch security tags. We ask that you give advance notice if someone else has to pick up your dog. Dogs that are still in our facility at closing time will have to be boarded overnight at your cost and must be picked up at opening the following day.

"Will my dog get along with the other dogs?"

Your dog has passed our temperament test, so they will be grouped with others dogs with similar size and temperament to make sure everyone gets along. Also, our play groups are closely monitored by our trained staff at all times.