Dog Grooming

We offer a variety of Spa and grooming services for your furry friend! All Bath and Spa clients get spritzed down, with a wonderful smelling, hand crafted, Doggy Perfume and receive a well deserved treat at the end of their Spa/ Grooming session. Contact us today and make an appointment, and we will be happy to pamper your Pooche for you. **We do not offer haircuts at the moment, only basic grooming services

Basic Bath

Bath, Cream Shampoo, Light dry, and Treat

  • Small > 15 lbs $25/$35
  • Med: 16-30lbs $30/ $40
  • Large: 31/70lbs $35/ $50
  • X-Large < 70lbs $65/ $75

A La Carte Services:

  • Nail Grind $25
  • Ear Cleaning $5
  • Teeth Cleaning $10
  • Facial / Tear Stain Treatment $10 (Deep stains will not be removed by a single application)
  • Foot/ Paw Pad trim $20
  • Hand Blowdry / Light Brushing $10/ $25
  • Coat Whitening Treatment $5

Spa Packages and Treatments

** Pricing based on coat. Short hair and Long Hair

Puppy Spa Day $40/ $50

For pups under 6 months old Warm Bath, Cream Rinse Shampoo, Light dry, nail grind, and treat!

The Pampered Pooche $55 / $65

Warm bath, massaged and scrubbed down with a cream shampoo, light dry, doggy perfume, nail grinding, and treat!

The Spa Deluxe $75/ $85

Warm bath, light massage and shampoo, hand blow out, doggy perfume, teeth /ear cleaning, facial, nail grinding, and a treat!

Spa Day $65/ $75

Warm bath, light massage with a cream rinse shampoo, ear cleaning, light dry, doggy perfume, nail grinding, and a yummy treat!

Deshedding Treatment $45/ $55

Deshedding Shampoo and Conditioner, Handblow dry, brushing with a deshedder, light brushing, doggy perfume to finish, and a tasty treat at the end!
Get Started Today

Safety is Paramount at the Club
Dogs Eligible for Daycare MUST Meet the Following Requirements:

Attention to detail is what makes your dog’s stay at Club Pooch a top-notch experience. A specially engineered facility and fully trained staff, create the ideal conditions for canine fun.

At Club Pooch we carefully screen all dogs to make sure they will thrive in a group play environment. New canine guests must pass our Temperament Test to make sure all of our dogs and staff stay safe and play well together.

Upon acceptance into our program, Club Pooch issues 2 security tags at a small fee to promote peace of mind. Security tags encode a number uniquely associated with you and your dog.  Presented at pick up, they serve as valid identification for whomever you may need to pick up your pet.

  • Spayed or neutered by 6 months of age
  • Well socialized (not protective of toys or food)
  • Current on all shots (documentation from veterinary required) DHLPP, Bordetella, Rabies
  • Have a clean fecal exam
  • Under topical flea & tick control (Frontline, Advantage or Revolution)
  • Pass Temperament Screening

Please review and complete our Daycare Release Form, Daycare Application Form, and Medical Release Form and bring them all with you